Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy 85th Birthday, Nanay!

Maxima Reynaldo, my mother-in-law and the inspiration for the character of "Imang" in The Yellow Bar, turned 85 this week. She has accepted her birthday with her usual quiet dignity and grace. (It was our family that made such a fuss. I'm sure she would have been happier if we'd just let her play Mahjong with her friends as usual.)

Happy Birthday Maxima! You are a hero in so many ways. No book could do you justice.

Color Photos by Kong Reynaldo.


  1. Happy Birthday Maam! Is she a Filipino? She seems very wise and may have a lot of interesting stories to tell! Please write one of her life stories!

  2. Maxima is my mother-in-law. Yes, she is Filipino. You can read a fictionalized version of her life story in my book, The Yellow Bar. Give it a look!